3 Rung Ladder Jack


3 Rung Ladder Jack – Use on Industrial grade, 250 pound rated Type 1 or 300 pound rated Type 1A ladder
aluminum or wood ladders. Do Not Use with Fiberglass Ladders. This style ladder jack should be used only with wooden walk planks

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Ladder Jack - 3 Rung

The 3 rung adjustable Ladder Jack enables the use of your ladders as a simple scaffolding system. Ensure correct safety and fall protection measures are applied.The ladder jack adjusts to keep your platform level, mounts on the inside or outside of your ladder, and fits round or D-rung ladders. A 3-rung is available in aluminum only.  The 2-rung Ladder Jack is available in steel.

Ladder Jack Highlights

* Converts ladders into a scaffold system
* Easily adjusts for platform leveling
* Accessible mounts can be placed inside or outside of the ladder
* Fits either round or D rung ladders
* Has all-steel construction

Additional information

Weight 19.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6.5 × 46 in



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