8″ Knotted Wire Wheel


Billy Goat Grazor Replacement Wire Wheels

8" Knotted Wire Wheel

This wire wheel fits the Billy Goat Grazor, the little wonder, Landshark, and most paving crack cleaner that fits a standard 8-inch knotted wire wheel.  you can stock up and save with our high-quality replacement wheels.

These crack cleaning machines are invaluable for contractors when preparing pavement for crack filler and sealant.  When clearing out any debris or vegetation from the wire replacement wheel is an important part that needs to be replaced.  This durable, heavy-duty wire wheel removes debris and grass from concrete and asphalt.  It is specifically designed to prepare the crack edges for filling. The cleaner the crack, the better your crack sealant will adhere, making a better, more professional job.

The 8" wire wheel fits 7/8" and comes with two adapters: 5/8" and 1/2".  Be sure to observe strict speed restrictions for safe operation – max RPM is 6,000. While in use, dirt, debris, burrs, or other residues will fly off the brush with some force along with some brush filaments as part of normal wear.  Also, avoid putting undue pressure on the brush which can bend the bristles and cause it to dull and fail.

  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL BRUSH made from high quality twisted steel wire is sturdy enough for tough cleaning jobs. Cover larger surface areas fast – 5 feet every 15 seconds!
  • REPLACEMENT FOR BILLY GOAT GRAZOR™ and other crack cleaners.  Included spacers to get the right fit in your machine.
  • CENTER SHAFT 7/8THS INCH; 5/8″ AND 1/2″ INCLUDED so you can adjust to whatever machine you are using. Will not fit with 1″ shaft bench grinders.

Follow all safety instructions and wear protective clothing as well as inspect the wire wheel for wear with each use.

As a Billy Goat dealer, we carry the Grazor GZ401H

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.6 in


Billy Goat

Billy Goat Industries, located outside of Kansas City, Missouri, is the premier manufacturer of specialty turf products


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