BAK Laron


This hot air welding machine provides Wrinkle-free welding because of design and balance. Economic and user-friendly, high welding speed, and field-tested for roofing membranes and tarpaulins.

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BAK Laron Hot Air Welding Machine

The perfectly balanced BAK Laron Hot Air Welding Machine for welding roofing membranes and tarpaulins is easy to maintain with standard components.  New Brushless Design!!  This hot air welder provides wrinkle-free welding and is designed for the most demanding job sites.  This outstanding welder can maintain high-speed production and comes with a digital display of temperature and speed and an automatic drive start system.  Includes Metal Tool Box!!!!! Datasheet

Laron Hot Air Welding Machine

Technical Data

VoltageV ~230, 400
PowerW4600, 5700
FrequencyHz50, 60
Size L x W x Hmm620 x 400 x 320
Weight Kg 35
Westside Supply Inc. "The Contractors Choice"



BAK - leading hot air welders manufacturer.  They build both hand and robot welders

Additional information

Weight77 lbs
Dimensions24.5 × 16 × 12.5 in


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