Forced Air Blower F902H


Billy Goat F902H

Forced Air Blower F9

From Billy Goat

Forced Air Blower F9 conceived through market research and hours of exhaustive computer optimization. The FORCE blower represents a revolutionary design. Steel had to go it is too heavy. Plastic is in its light and it’s plenty durable.   
The FORCE weighs up to 17 pounds less than powered steel competitors. It remains the quietest wheel blower, and it's tuned to produce unmatched power.

5-year warranty

  • Model Number F902H
  • Fan Material 17 16-blade Single Shot Composite
  • Displacement (cc) 262
  • Length (in.) 58
  • Height (in.) 32 (housing), 45 (handle)
  • Front Tire Style Semi-pneumatic
  • Rear Tire Type Pneumatic
  • Front Wheel Width 10
  • Velocity (mph) Just under 200
  • Discharge (in) 4
  • Weight (lbs) 143
  • Width (in.) 29.25
  • Front Tire Size (in.) 10 x 3
  • Rear Tire Size (in.) 13 x 5
  • Rear Wheel Width 13


Additional information

Weight143 lbs
Dimensions58 × 29.25 × 32 in


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