HJ 4520


The 4520 Cold Process Sprayer from Hennes-Johnson represents the Roofing Industry standard for the airless application of Modified Bitumen Adhesives, Elastomeric Coatings, and Waterproofing Emulsions.

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HJ 4520

The Hennes Johnson (HJ) 4520 sprayer was designed for modified bitumen. Also, waterproofing emulsions and elastomeric coatings require airless applications. With 4500 PSI pressure and a Honda engine powering it, the 4520 sprayers can outperform on even the most complex spraying jobs. With an abundance of built-in features to refine results and allow for fast and easy adjustments.

The 4520 sprayers can power multiple guns as well as nozzles with dual tips. The design of the direct feed allows you to quickly and easily changed from a 55-gallon drum to a larger bulk tank. The 20 hp gas Honda engine has an electric starter. With built-in features to alert and shut down when oil is low. This allows you to focus on the task on hand without risking your equipment. The operation of the HJ 4520 is user-friendly with a dashboard that is designed with simplicity in mind. It also allows for easy maintenance for cleaning and for modifications during the application process.

Additional added benefits of the HJ 4520 include more versatility with the quick change displacement pump. Allowing you to remove, clean, and reattach using only a few hand tools. The 4520 gives you access to add hydraulic hose reels, transfer pumps, and mixers.

The list doesn’t end there with the 4520 Hennes-Johnson Sprayer, even more, features include:

  • The pressure gauge on the dashboard for easy readings
  • Built-in hydraulic filtering for fast maintenance
  • 2 Inch intake tube and inlet screen for large-flow capacities
  • Lift cylinder kept in place with positive valve lock
  • 20 gal. heat dissipating, hydraulic reservoir
  • Anti-stall motor, side exhaust
  • Removable fuel cell

Additional information

Weight 950 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 39 × 70 in



Hennes-Johnson produces equipment for cold process asphalt and elastomeric coatings are at the cutting edge of today's standard of environmental awareness.


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