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HJ1804 Power Roller System For Single Ply Roofing

Hennes-Johnson HJ1804 power roller system is designed for speed and quality for single-ply roofing. This used power roller system is in good condition and works well.
The HJ1804 is the industry leader in power roller systems. This model combines all the best time-saving features to save you time and money. Maximize your profits and your crew efficiency, while producing consistent and precise results.

The Hennes Johnson HJ1804 power roller boasts the 4-Way Advantage designed for single-ply roofing. With the HJ1804, waste is cut down to a minimum as the application process is precise. This reduces excess materials falling by the wayside as a sacrifice to speed. With this reduction, labor time is cut drastically. In testing the HJ1804 consistently produces a decrease of five to one for labor and time cuts. Also, the power roller also improves the adhesion rate from the membrane to the deck with coverage at 100% uniformity throughout the entire process. Your workday can consist of 75 to 125 square feet of completed coverage in one single day.


  • Powered by a 4HP Honda engine
  • Thomas Industries Direct Drive Compressor, this power roller will keep moving long after your crews need a break.
  • 20 gal. tank gives you less downtime from reduced filling.
  • Hennes Johnson exclusive Easy Clean Tank Port makes maintenance fast and simple.
  • The tank is OSHA compliant and ASME certified, and easy to maneuver with the rear caster.
  • Choose from 18" or 12" roller heads.
  • Floatation Tires - that leave minimal depression marks on the insulation sheets.

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Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in



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