Long Ladder Hoisting Wheel


Long Ladder Hoisting Wheel makes your ladder a safe to use hoist. The Long Ladder Hoisting Wheel offers great flexibility and safety when loading equipment to a roof top.

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Long Ladder Hoisting Wheel

Convert any ladder to a hoist by adding one of our three available Hoisting Wheels. Each model features a 12" aluminum wheel, bronze bushings and a sturdy all-steel frame. Hoisting Wheels accommodate both 3/4" and 1" manila rope. Hoisting wheels offer great flexibility and safety when loading equipment to a rooftop.

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The focus at West Side Supply is on providing our customers with high quality, innovative, OSHA compliant safety products for a wide range of contracting work. Outstanding customer service has helped us become a leading resource for commercial and residential roofing construction across the United States.

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Weight25 lbs
Dimensions26 × 10 × 15 in


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