LES Raptor All-In-One Railing

AES Raptor All-In-One™ Guard Rail Base Kits

10 & 8 Rails Available

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LES Raptor All-In-One Railing Base 10 Foot Rails

The Raptor All-In-One railing base is a definitive safety solution for any roofing project. To install the All-In-One is easy and fast. This is a cost-effective reusable railing that can be used on flat/low edges, gravel stops, parapet walls, and concrete slab overhangs. This base is very flexible and will take either RaptorRail metal rails or lumber rails. The railing brackets are vertical and rotational adjustable. Setting up corners and odd geometries are very easy to adjust these brackets to. To make this the only railing system you will ever need we have put the base and parapet clamps in one unit which saves time and space.

Railing Base Uses

  • Flat/Low edges
  • Gravel stops
  • Parapet walls
  • Concrete slab overhangs

Railing Base Specs

Uses - RaptorRail metal rails or Lumber rails.
Adjustable & lightweight complies with 1926.502(b) for guardrail systems. 
Freight not included
  • Flat/Low Edges
  • Gravel stops
  • Parapet walls
  • Concrete slab overhangs
  • Accepts RaptorRail metal rails or Lumber rails
  • Completely adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Complies with 1926.502(b) for guardrail systems


Additional information

Weight 1025 lbs
Dimensions 128 × 48 × 34 in

200, 400, 500


8, 10


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