Raptor SLR Tray – LES


For upright positioning of single line retractables.

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Raptor SLR Tray

Mobile Fall Protection Systems are a great solution when there is no place for workers to tie-off. The SRL Tray is a great addition to the TriRex. It solves the problem of making sure the self-retracting lifelines are mounted and positioned correctly.

Problem #1: Currently, SRL’s are NOT being positioned according to manufacturer guidelines on mobile fall protection carts! According to DBI/Sala’s guidelines for SRL use in horizontal or near horizontal applications, “The SRL should be positioned< on its edge, rather than laid flat, to prevent uneven spooling of the lifeline and to benefit retraction.” (Source: Capital Safety Technical Bulletin No. SRL001, read point #1).

Solution: The LES Raptor SRL Tray.  Meets manufacturer guidelines for SRL use by keeping the SRL in the proper position.

Problem #2: Dragging an SRL can potentially damage the SRL AND damage the surface of the roof! SRL’s often are left to hang off the side of fall protection carts.  This leads to them being dragged across the roof surface when repositioning the cart.

Solution: The AES Raptor SRL Tray… Prevents damage to SRL’s AND damage to the roof surface by keeping the SRL’s above the roof surface.

In addition to solving the problems listed above, the SRL-Tray:

  • Installs easily to all existing AES Raptor fall protection carts
  • Requires no complex assembly
  • Simply bolts on over guide box
  • It's spring loaded to fold up when not in use
  • Can be used for 1 to 3 SRL’s
  • Has separate channels for each SRL
  • Keeps SRL’s upright and off the roof surface and membrane
  • Prevents uneven spooling of SRL and benefits SRL retraction
  • Are painted ‘Warning Orange’ for easy visibility
Whether you already have a mobile fall protection solution or you’re shopping for a new one, make sure the AES Raptor SRL Tray is there to help protect your SRL’s and your workers!

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 6 in


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