LES Raptor Stinger


AES Raptor Stinger™ | Mobile Fall Protection Unit – Allows one roof worker to be tied off for fall arrest and one for fall restraint at the same time.


LES Raptor Stinger – Mobile Fall Protection

Westside Supply carries the full line of Leading Edge Safety (LES) Raptor’s innovative, easy to use and reliable mobile fall protection systems specifically designed for the roofing and construction industry

LES Raptor Stinger with its compact design fits into the back of a pickup, elevators, and through doorways. With a unique design, the weights can be removed easily reducing the overall weight of the main unit.  This allows workers to take the Stinger upstairs and through penthouses.

  1. Allows 1 worker on fall arrest and 1 on fall restraint at the same time.
  2. Moved and set up by one person
  3. Fits into elevators
  4. Easily fits into pickups
  5. Easily fits through doorways
  6. Flat-free tires standard
  7. Engagement Claw Lock keeps the claw anchored if a fall occurs
  8. Freight not included



Leading Edge Safety

Additional information

Weight790 lbs
Dimensions51 × 39 × 21.25 in


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