LES Raptor TriRex


LES(AES) Raptor TriRex™ The complete Mobile Fall Cart Protection  System with FREE SHIPPING

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LES Raptor TriRex - Complete Mobile Fall Protection

Raptor TriRex is a mobile fall protection cart from Leading Edge Safety. It offers fall arrest for 3 workers and 2 workers on fall restraint. This fall cart is the original fall arrest cart with a locking engagement arm. This ensures the anchor point is locked in its deepest point of penetration during a fall. The TriRex is designed with a three-point front axle locking mechanism. The TriRex stands out above the competition with an industry-leading fall arrest rating for 3 workers. The new front open job box and optional material rack, you will see safe and productive increases for your leading-edge work.

AXLE-LOCK SYSTEM–Locking the steering is as easy as pulling the lever forward. No need to worry about attaching parts, the axle handle lock comes pre-attached.

HANDLE ATTACHMENT–No need to struggle with handle attachment. An all-new design allows for easy alignment and fastens with a snap-lock pin.

With the optional Fall Restraint Tie-Off RingsTM, the TriRex accommodates a total of (5) five workers.

  • No Assembly Required
  • OSHA Compliant
  • One Worker Set up
  • No Counterweights
  • No Loose Parts
  • Useful On Every Job Site
  • Standard Flat-Free Tires

Tested and approved for the following Substrates:

  • Metal Deck
  • Hardboard
  • Plywood
  • Dens Deck
  • Gypsum Deck
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Modified Bitumen Membranes
  • Topsoil, grade, compact dirt
  • Flat Surface .5:12 (can be used on slopes .5:12 to 1:12 when using the optional braking system) ISO
  • EPS
  • PDM
  • BUR
  • PVC
  • TPO


  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Tectum Deck
  • Metal Deck less than 22ga. or over 20ga. (Structural Deck)
  • Loose laid material not part of a complete finished system


Raptor SRL Tray
I.C.E Job Box

Common Questions

How does it work?
If a fall were to occurs the TriRex's patent-pending roof safety engagement device penetrates the roof it creates a secure anchor point to restrain or arrest the fall.

How many people can be attached to the TriRex?
5 in total, 3 on fall arrest and 2 on fall restraint.

Where do I hook up to on the TriRex?
There are 3 rings that are welded to a green plate located in the center on one side of the TriRex. The 4 yellow lifting hook located on each corner are for hoisting purposes only.

What's the difference between fall arrest and fall restraint?
Fall arrest stops a fall in progress and fall restraint stops a fall before it occurs.

Is the TriRex OSHA approved?
It is OSHA compliant with the regulation 1926.502(D) for fall arrest anchors.

Does this cart need counterweights?
The solid steel frame along with the safety engagement arm eliminates the need for cumbersome counterweights.

Will there by any parts that need to be replaced or re-certified if there is an activation of the system?
No there will not be. The engagement claw will stick in the substrate if the activation of the system is strong enough. To put the arm back to a ready position just dislodge the claw from the substrate. After the unit should be inspected for damage and that the arm moves in an appropriate manner. Then the TriRex can be repositioned and used again.

What type of tires are installed on the TriRex?
Solid Polyurethane Tires that are flat free.

What does the TriRex weight?
The base model is 965 lbs.

Custom equipment can be installed on the TriRex?
Yes, the TriRex has an optional 12 cubic ft. job box. The base model is sold without the optional equipment which gives the owner space to install their own equipment.

Additional information

Weight 965 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 56.5 × 51 in


Leading Edge Safety

Leading Edge Safety -- a leading manufacturer of mobile fall protection systems


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