RaptorRail Parapet Clamp Kit


AES Raptor RaptorClamp For Perimeter Fall Protection System

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RaptorRail Parapet Clamp Kit

The RaptorRail Parapet Clamp Kit designed to keep your workers safe. Leading Edge built the Raptor Rail to be easily set up and flexible. It works with most existing rail systems. Raptor Rail Parapet Clamp Kit designed to be equipped allowing it to work on roof and soffits.

RaptorRail Parapet Clamp Kit crate includes 36 parapet clamps. This gives the RaptorRail system a parapet roof attachment option. Parapet clamps cut the need to use screws or other attachment methods.

  • Reusable Clamps with Storage Crate
  • 36 Raptor Rail Parapet Clamps
  • 36 Quick Attach release pins
  • 1 clamp crate

This Parapet Clamp Kit from Leading Edge Safety will pay for itself with one job. Without having to buy new materials every job site these reusable clamps will save money by the second job site. These clamps are quick easy to install which saves time and money. This kit is the only kit you will need for any job site and keep your crew moving quickly and efficiently.

Traditional wood railings are time-consuming and difficult to make compliant with OSHA standards. While using this clamp kit your railing will always be compliant with OSHA standards. The fast installation time allows for more time for the project and less set up time.

Additional information

Weight 855 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 36 × 33.5 in


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