Swing Hoist 2000 lbs.-used


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Swing Hoist HS200 - Used

When your team needs to lift an actual ton of material, RGC's Swing Hoist is just the ticket. This hoist is used in excellent condition, doesn't comes with weights.

Reimann & Georger Corp. Swing Hoists can be set up to swing to the right or left, depending on need. These hoists

RGCs Swing Hoists feature:

  • A separate winch and power unit for easy handling
  • Self-locking pins for quick and easy assembly
  • Self-locking hydraulic boom for safer loading and unloading of materials
  • Split leg frame design for easy transporting
  • Protective fence and ability to unload materials away from the edge improve operator safety.
  • Nesting ballast weight shells are included for enhanced safety
  • A cable keeper for added lifting stability
  • An optional hand winch quickly mounts to hoist frame to lift HydraPak up 10+ stories

Designed with your crew's safety in mind, RGC's Swing Hoist helps move the heaviest of loads without breaking a sweat.

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Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in





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