Tuff Jack Material Mover


The ASE Tuff Jack Material Mover allows the operator to quickly move entire pallets of materials around a job site.

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ASE Tuff Jack

Wheel Weight Displacements
Without Load Load of: 2500 lbs
Front Wheels: 166 lbs (Each) Rear Wheel: 318 lbs
Front Wheels: 1229 lbs (Each) Rear Wheel: 692 lbs
When adding weight:
42.5% goes to each front wheel.
15% goes to the rear wheel.

The Tuff Jack Material Mover comes with a set of additional features:

  • The single rear swivel allows the wheel a turning radius of 38".
  • Handle acts as a tow hitch for transporting behind ASE's SS16 Cheetahs, Hydraulic Power Buggies or other rooftop vehicles.
  • The integrated hydraulic tank provides a stronger pump base and lessens the chance of tank damage.

The moving of pallets made easy with the ASE Tuff Jack Material Mover.

System Information and Specs
Lifting Capacity: 2500 Lbs (4ft Long Skids)
800 Lbs (8ft Long Skids)
Wheel Dimensions: Front: 20" x 10"
Rear: 18" x 8.50"
Fork Dimensions: 4ft: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
8ft: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
Fork Opening: 26"
Throat Opening: 55"
Dimensions: 94" x 80" x 36"
Weight: 650 lbs

Additional information

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 94 × 80 × 36 in


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