Roofing Equipment Rentals

We have many rentals available through us or our sister company Grain Valley Rental



$296 /Week
$75 /Day
$55 /3-hour

This generator from Multiquip is great for powering heat welders and other high powered equipment.

Light Tower Generator

max-lite lighthouse generator

$175 /Day
$525 /Week

The Maxi-Lite® is Allmand’s premium light tower containing the most durable job site features commonly required in heavy construction, oil and gas, and mining applications, where rugged usage is the norm.

BAK Laron H

Hot Air Welders

Robot Welders

$675 /Week

We have Robot Hot Air Welders for rent.

Cord – $15/week

Compass Hand Welder

Hot Air Welders

Hand Welders

$45 /Week

Tri-Rex Raptor

Leading Edge Safety

$400 /Week

Mobile fall protection cart, fall arrest for three workers and fall restraint for two.  This is available to rent for a day or week at a time.

Equipter RB4000

Clean-Up Buggy

1 Month – $2450
1 Week – $700
1 Day – $180

Work smarter with the driveable RB4000 lift, designed for roofers, by roofers. From taking the hassle out of debris management to reducing the risk for property damage, its 12-foot lift, 4-foot roll-back feature, and 4,000 lb capacity will change the way you work, get customers, and earn referrals.

TearOff Machine

Roof TearOff

$600 /Week

Tear off machine for removing commercial roofs

Roof Cutter

Commercial Roof Cutter 

$240 /Day
$600 /Week

Single blade roof cutter for rent.

Pavement Cutter

Multiquip 14″

$85 /Day
$60 /3-hour

Pavement Saw that is highly durable and delivers trusted performance on the job site.  Perfect for small and large jobs.

Extension Ladder

Different Lengths Available

Starting $14 /Day

28′, 32′, and 40′ extension ladders available.  

Roofing Nailer


$32 /Day
$23 /3-hour

This coil roofing nailer has a durable aluminum housing and a one-door loading system for fast reloading.  It has a dry-fire lock out to prevent dry firing and to alert the user to reload the magazine. depend on this coil roofing nailer for durability and comfort.


Mechanical Sweep

$600 /Week

36″ mechanical sweeper for construction.


Drum and Rotary

$600 /Week

 Rotary and Drum machines made for hard-to-do commercial jobs.


Multiquip GA97HEA Generator
BAK laron

Robot Welder Bundle

1 Week – $986


Equipter Rentals can be pick up at either of these locations.

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