HJ In-line Heating System


IN LINE HEATING SYSTEMToday’s high solid/low solvent based cut-back asphalt and SBS Modified materials are the cutting edge technology used in producing environmentally friendly yet superior quality roof systems.

HJ In-line Heating System

Technological advancements in materials for roofing has resulted in environmentally friendly alternatives. However, for these hybrid high solid and low solvent combinations of asphalt and SBS modified materials, regulated temperatures are required. By keeping the roofing materials the proper heat and temperature you save time and money. This maximizes applications by transfer and pressure capabilities.

The Hennes-Johnson In-Line Heater HJ1000 is a fuel powered heater. This application features twin temperature controls that allow users to watch both the product and oil. Offering only a 5-degree plus or minus range, you have one of the industry’s best heaters in place to prep your materials. The HJ1000 features a 200,000 B.T.U. HE liquid withdrawal burner and a 12 v. electronic ignition that is pilot-less. The LED gauges allow you to easily and quickly register reads. Heat levels are maintained with minimal loss by a 2" thick ceramic inside of the heating chamber. This heater is shipped complete to where you are able to hit the ground running as soon as it is delivered. All Hennes-Johnson equipment are tested prior to shipping to ensure the heater operates as intended.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your work on the job site by skimping on proper material preparation. With Hennes-Johnson quality heaters, user safety and max profitability are the top priorities. Testing for each piece of equipment takes into account user safety and max profitability. Make the most of your time and materials on every job site with a heater designed for roofing materials that can withstand the harshest of job site abuse. Order online today at Intech Equipment and Supply!

4000 PSI
15 Foot Pressure Hose

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 42 × 42 in



Hennes-Johnson produces equipment for cold process asphalt and elastomeric coatings are at the cutting edge of today's standard of environmental awareness.


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